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pompeii | 2014

Resultat d'imatges de pompeii movie

Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything remarkable from this blockbuster... and there isn't nothing quite noteworthy I can think about to say: "go and watch that film" but I must say I didn't came out of the cinema thinking this was one of the most terrible films I had ever seen. No, this was one of the lots of films that you can watch just to spend some time entertained and to have an enjoyable 90 minutes with family, friends...  

I read, somewhere, that it took so long to see real "action" scenes in this film, but this isn't true, if this film has something good, it is the timing and the fight and combat scenes were put in the right moments. 
It's a film tha goes on fast - in every scene you learn something new. Sometimes it is so fast, that things like the love triangle isn't developed, you just now there's one because a few scenes show evident signs of it. 

Besides this, there's nothing remarkable about the screenplay, because the thing that makes this film different is the Vesuvius, the volcano, other way the love story of the screenplay could seem a joke. With that said, the movie is totally recommendable for the people who liked Gladiator (2000), because many scenes, part of the story, and characters seem to have been inspired by the Ridley Scott movie. Obviously, the film itself cannot be compared to Gladiator, they are in different categories. 

So, as I've been saying lately in other film's impression's, Pompeii will not be a film that everybody will remember or talk about, some people are even going to say that it is terrible because it doesn't have a proper screenplay, it has historic mistakes or maybe because they think this is something done just to show how a volcano erupts. The volcano, though, could be the metaphor of the passionate love of 3 people - a love triangle- or the demonstration of the corrupt society.... it could be interpreted in many ways. With that said - and maybe influenced by my low expectations - this is a film that makes you spend some enjoying time watching the roman life, the combats, the problems that causes the eruption of the volcano... just "chilling" because the film does not contain any other deep message you have to discover. 

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