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neighbors | 2014

The critically acclaimed comedy is a wild party of pranks, jokes but the best thing is that it has an honest reflexion of maturity and immaturity, about getting older and having responsibility - because Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly have new lifes. Instead, Teddy (Zac Efron) is about to get out of college and wants to party before starting to think about the future. 
The positions in life of those two characters, Mac and Teddy, are clear since the beginning of the film. Mac has just moved to a new house, to establish himself and his family, while Teddy moves to the house next door because the frat he is in, burned the previous one. Teddy's speech when he moves to the new house is all about all of them being a legend in his fraternity, any other higher aspiration. 
The battle between the family and the frat starts when the frat throws wild parties that Mac and Kelly would like to attend but can't because they have Stella, their little child. So, instead of declaring the war direc…

pompeii | 2014

Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything remarkable from this blockbuster... and there isn't nothing quite noteworthy I can think about to say: "go and watch that film" but I must say I didn't came out of the cinema thinking this was one of the most terrible films I had ever seen. No, this was one of the lots of films that you can watch just to spend some time entertained and to have an enjoyable 90 minutes with family, friends...  

I read, somewhere, that it took so long to see real "action" scenes in this film, but this isn't true, if this film has something good, it is the timing and the fight and combat scenes were put in the right moments.  It's a film tha goes on fast - in every scene you learn something new. Sometimes it is so fast, that things like the love triangle isn't developed, you just now there's one because a few scenes show evident signs of it. 
Besides this, there's nothing remarkable about the screenplay, because the …