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muppets most wanted | 2014

The fight between America and Russia is one of the most used topics in the hollywood films and this is not an exception. Muppets Most Wanted is the second part of the sequel that started with a very good film lead, obviously, by the Muppets; but also by Jason Segel and Amy Adams. This time they do not appear and Ricky Gervais (Dominic Badguy in the film) is the leader of the Muppets and it's headache because Dominic is the associate of Constantine, a criminal frog that wants to steal the joys of the english royal family. 
The Muppets were desperate to find something to do and a tour seemed the best thing they could ask for... but it ain't going to be easy... because Kermit is arrested for, apparently, being Constantine and Constantine becomes the new leader of the Muppets that seem to not notice the difference between the frogs.1
This is the typical Muppet film, music, laugh, shows... but this time it could have been a bit more short. Besides that this is a good sequel for th…

gimme shelter | 2014

Gimme Shelter has received very good reviews in the US since it came out and finally I could watch this amazing film for which I've been waiting 2 and a half years. Vanessa Hudgens (Agnes "Apple" Bailey completely transforms herself to portray a character inspired on a true story of a girl that had to leave her house and look out for help. 

Apple, as she wants to be called, is a lovely and kind girl trapped in a world that has made her look and act like a totally different person - you can see that rapidly by only looking the way she dresses and walks... - but the only thing she is looking for is love and a family that cares about her. The film starts in a very dramatic way and it also moves you from the moment it begins. Apple is going to look for her father from whom she only has a letter. Her behavior and the differences between his father and the family he has built is going to make her run away again, but, unexpectedly, she finds out she is pregnant. The story, then…

the grand budapest hotel | 2014

Wes Anderson's most recent fabulous and critically acclaimed film shows us a story that seems taken from another world because it's everything, but not plausible in lots of ways. The Grand Budapest hotel itself is quite magic and becomes a story as well. 
The style of this movie is the Wes Anderson style, which means that there might people that really don't like or understand what's the point of the film because it doesn't have the comedic scenes we expect. It is a much more refined comedy lead by an amazing Ralph Fiennes that portrays Monsieur Gustave, a man that doesn't lose his way of behaving even if he is in prison. Based and inspired on Stefan Zweig works, this movie explains the arrival of nazism with a style and a screenplay that may not seem appropriate but that has some memorable quotes that denote that Zweig is behind those words. 
Everything seems like a paranoia with no sense and that it has nothing to tell but it ends up being a story of the war…

little miss sunshine | 2006

Little Miss Sunshine, the movie you could see a thousand times and still enjoy it. Surprisingly you see how the movie is going to be from the beginning but you stay watching it because it produces a lot of comedic scenes that catch your attention and that make the trip, in where the characters are involved, really funny.

It could be said there's a two journeys/trips in this film. The real trip to Los Angeles where Olive (Abigail Breslin) is going to participate in a Miss little Sunshine competition and also a journey of the characters as said before because they evolve in different ways without losing the things that define them. In this film everyone has a very remarked personality, one is a teenager who idolizes Nietzsche, a drug addict grandpa, a girl who is obsessed with winning a competition where she does not fit, a teacher who wanted to commit suicide, and the parents: one that is hysteric and the other who is obsessed with his theories.

All together create a magic combina…

noah | 2014

The polemic feature film Noah shows us a religious story where the viewer does not necessarily need to believe in god or think this is a Biblical passage. They just need to sit and enjoy of this beautiful story not just about humanity but also about the interior of Noah, a man who struggles because he is in the middle of everything - he is a fanatic of the creator but also a loving husband and father. Noah experiences an inner journey and the viewer sees that in all the phases. 
As said, this is based on the Biblical story of a man who made an ark to save two genders of every kind of animal in the world but it has no place for the humans, - except Noah's family - that should be destroyed because since they went out of the Eden they had been mean, and had killed each other. Noah receives a message from the creator that tells him he needs to do this ark in order to start everything again. However, it seems he and his family are going to be the last men on earth because they are not…

captain america: the winter soldier | 2014

Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), the paradigm of the United States - a man that turns out to be the idol of the nation - has to face, now, a new chapter of his life where he has to face a new enemy and save some citizens from the destruction. This is the second movie of this saga where there's a good plot but with barely different, or not so used sequences or scenes of the superheros movie, in general. However there are a couple or three scenes where the movie seems closer to real live, for example the Apple Store scene, the monologue of a computer or some comedic scenes. 

As for the story, Steve Rogers, as said, needs to solve a new problem that has emerged from the bowels of Shield, where he works. Helped by always an astute and ingenious Black Widow/Natascha (Scarlett Johansson) and another friend Rogers will need to find out what's going on and face a very powerful enemy, the Winter Soldier. The film has also story about the conspiracy of the 80's in America…

non-stop | 2014

The catalan director Jaume Collet Serra earns good reviews among film critics because this is his best film. Liam Neeson, the protagonist, plays the character of a depressed alcoholic who seems to works because he has to, to try and do what he couldn't do. This man takes the lead in a plane where something strange happens... someone is going to kill a person every twenty minutes.

When you start watching this film you wonder if what you're going to see is worth and hour and a half or you are just going to know what happens 5 minutes later. Precisely, what makes this film a really recommendable one is the fact that there's a lot of twists and turns... Collet Serra shows you things to try and make you think... but your guesses seem incoherent when something else happens. So this in opinion of the popular viewers who want to enjoy going to the cinema, becomes the perfect movie to keep you on the edge of your seat; suffering because you try to understand but something does not…