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the jungle book | 2016

The Jungle Book is the "real" version of the Disney movie from 1967. It is a fable about animals and the balance between them. However, Mowgly is a human that lives with them and combines the human intelligence with the animal instinct. 
This story shows us that we can be whatever we want to be and we just have to believe and work in order to achieve it. Mowgly is a human and the law of the jungle does not accept a human. Despite that, Mowgly proves that he is different and that this fact doesn't have to be a barrier in order to live with the animals. 
On one hand, he just loves being with the animals and learns from all of the creatures. On the other they comprehend that there has to be no fear of Shere Khan (the tiger) because if they stay united there's nothing to worry about. 
The film does not draw on the music of the original animated version but it still has the magic of the tales that Rudyard Kipling wrote and it's essence, that it does stay, even if the…

julieta | 2016

"Julieta", by Pedro Almodóvar is a movie that I didn't plan to watch and I think that, as it has happened to me with the few last movies I've watched, it gave me a valuable lesson about life,  family, friends, in fact about us, humans. 
Julieta is a humanist, she teaches ancient greek culture (literature and mythology) when, in a train,  she meets "prónos" a man named Xoan, who is a fisherman from the north of Spain that will change her hole life. They become a family when Artía, their daughter, is born and their story seems to be perfect. 
Nevertheless one day, everything changes, because Julieta discovers that his husband, Xoan has been always seeing her previous wife best friend and spending some days with her when Julieta was visting her parents. That day, Xoan leaves forever and Julieta has to deal with her daughter and the guilt of the situation. 
Even though Artía seems to understand and help out her mother in everything with no complaints, one day,…