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boyhood | 2014

A masterpiece. Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke are outstanding in the performance of their characters and Richard Linklater has done a work of art. A must see, the story of a boy who becomes and adult does not comprehend just him but his family and friends. The story of a mother that fights for his family, a father that wants to be a part of them and a soul that wants to find his place on earth.

begin again | 2014

If you like music, you'll like this film because it is a story about love for music, there's also time for other love, yes, but the main purpose of the film is showing the love people have for music and how this thing can help you overcome things and change your live. I've heard some critics say that this movie "has a soundtrack for every love story" and "a movie for those who live life as if it was a playlist" and I also would define it like this. If you don't like music, or it is not one of your most loved interests, this film makes you appreciate it. The places where the music is made captivate the viewer and the songs make you spend some good time watching the movie. 
As for the story itself, the base, I wouldn't define it as groundbreaking story because if it wasn't for the music component, it could have been entertaining - because it is not a film about how a music star is born- but it wouldn't have been that good. As said, Keira …