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catching fire | 2013

Catching fire is, probably, a movie that is much more good and enjoyable if you've read the books before. Of course, as it's a movie, not everything is explained on this movie, but Lawrence performance really helps the audience to discover how does Katniss feel about everything that she is living (and that she has to live). It is a movie where you don't feel time going by,you nearly don't move from your seat, just to see how does Katniss, Peeta and the rest of the tributes and people try to survive in a world that Suzanne Collins created using the imagination and ideas from Orwell's 1984 book, roman history names and lots and lots of more influences that mixed made this book and, consequently, the film very entretaining and enjoyable. 
I have to say that with all the best-sellers adaptations that there are nowadays this is one of the best adaptations, because it takes the most important parts of the books and shows it like the book says, and this is remarcable bec…

blue jasmine | 2013

Woody Allen's new movie is a real must see for this year. Cate Blanchett makes an incredible performance of a woman that has lost everything. She had been part of one of the most rich families in the USA and the world. She had everything but a single moment of her life changed everything.

Woody Allen demonstrates that he knows when he needs and it's the most appropiate moment to do a movie and when not. Right know with the crisis this movie reflects in some way what nearly every 'normal' family has to suffer. It portrays the fact that, we've been loosing things and all things we're missing now. 
The story then, i  a mixture of originality and classic facts that really make this movie one of the best movies of the year.
I also would like to point out the fact that the transitions between the past and the present of Jasmine's life are very well done and that shows the great work that Woody Allen and his team have done. 
Really interesting and must see even i…

about time | 2013

What would you do if you had a second chance to live again the moments you've already lived? Probably the answer is that you would try and change the things you did wrong and try and do better the ones you did right. 
With this movie, that apparently may seem another romantic comedy from Hollywood, Richard Curtis makes us think of  "time". The time we live and how we live it and how could a normal person use it to live. 
At first, Tim, the protagonist, repeats over and over all the things he has lived to change the things he did wrong, after he does it to fall in love with a girl and also to repeat many other things that make this movie a magic movie about time and all of its connotations. The spectator just thinks of how much we need to valorate and live our life because we only have one and we cannot reherse all our steps in this life and then live it again in a perfect way... 
The film has something magic, with a great story and performances it shows all the things t…

the kids are all right | 2010

The Kids Are All Right is that kind of movie that, apparently, could be a typical comedy/drama but when you watch it you realize it's not. 
Two lesbians with a daughter and a son, act as every family would do until the biological father of both kids appears. From that point on, the movie is a mixture of comedy with drama that keeps the person on the edge of his seat, wanting to know how everything it is going to end. 
The film, then, has something "special" that I cannot explain properly but that could be described as a mixture of relationship feelings, family feelings mixed with the feelings of two teenagers that are in the middle of everything.
I liked a lot this movie because I did not had to be looking at my watch to see how much time there was left, I just enjoyed the magic of this film. A part from that I have to say that the script was, from my point of view, very well written, and Mark Ruffalo and Anette Bening make sensational performances, especially Anette th…

at any price | 2012

If I am honest I must say that as a Zac Efron supporter I didn't expect a movie with such a story behind. I knew it was about the country "world" an the pursue your dreams, a typical motto, and the feeling of do whatever you want to do, but this movie has lots of things behind that make it special.  
This is a movie about the corruption of the agriculture by big companies and the fight between the farmers to be on the top, using everything they can. Not just that, but also the story of a family with two sons, where one could be whatever he wanted, he doesn't even appear, phisically, in the movie, and another, called Dean (Efron) that wants to be a race car driver. 
So the film combines this two stories to make one big story about how people can do things and be so ambitious, that when we finally have what we want, we see that the consequences may not make it worth it. And in the movie, this happens. You might like the ending or not but it makes perfect sense with th…

modern times | 1936

I've seen parts of this movie on my history class, on tv, everywhere... and it's not a coincidence it's because Chaplin just shows to the world the reality, like Steinbeck or Fitzgerald did, but using images. The Kid was a film where Chaplin wanted to show the poberty of people on the 'roaring twenties'. It was the 'dark side' of the american dream. With Modern Times Chaplin shows us the new techniques of productivity (fordism and or taylorism) and how lots of people lost their opportunities, like Chaplin does in the movie, because they didn't have resources.
Chaplin is a genius, thats widely known and common among people. Because he knew, at the time, how did the world evolutionate. And portrayed it in a way that may seem very easy, know that we see it with prespective, but that surely was very difficult to do at the time.
Modern Times is clearly a masterpiece and with the limitations of the cinematography of the time shows the reality of the Great …

fight club | 1999

Fight club is a great movie. At first can seem like a non-sense film but that has a lot of sense. An insomniac, with a "good-boy" appearance turns out to be a destructor of everything. 
David Fincher makes the audience vibrate with a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat because you want to understand what is happening in the movie and why characters act the way they do. It reminds me of two posterior movies Mystic River and Shutter Island where you also are trying to understand what is really happening. 
With Fight Club you see a lot of violence but underneath of that you see how was the society, and by extension who's the society now. We leave in an empty society and also violent, the occidental society has  to be destroyed, and the last scene is memorable... 
Very nihilist but also a kind of a poem, that you read once and that you need to discover afterwards.... really amazing. I think I haven't seen so much movies like a poem, and I really enjoyed the ex…

liberty leading the people | 1830

The liberty leading the people/la libérte guidant le peuole | Eugène Delacroix 1830.

This is one of my favorite art pieces. I love the composition of the piece (piramidal) that allows the artist to put the allegory of the liberty (the woman) on the centre and top of the composition. I also like the colors the artist uses and the contrast between them (the sky and the flag for example). I also love the painting because is set in the same time as Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. Finally, just say that I've had the pleasure to see this amazing masterpiece in the Louvre Museum, Paris. 

Quite amazing and big!

thor, the dark world | 2013

Thor, the dark world is the second movie from the sequel Thor. Even though I think that the first one was better, this was, in fact, a very entrataining movie. Thor has to save the world again but this time he is going to have his brother's Loki help. 

This is a "Hollywood" movie, typical story and characters but overall I liked it. I also liked the fact that the characters are played by known actors as Chris Hermnsworth, Natalie Portman or Anthony Hopkins. 
So if the person wants to spend some time watching a movie, this is a good choice. Very entrataining and, of course, a good movie about a superhero.