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the fault in our stars | 2014

The adaptation of the John Green's best seller has melted hearts all around the globe. The story of Hazel Grace, a girl who has terminal cancer, moves everyone, specially the teenagers, not only because of the cruel illness but also because of the real love, honesty and loyalty that this film shows. This is not a film about the the curse of an illness and the divergence between being in love and the pain of knowing she's going to die... it is about pure real love, the love everyone would like to feel and give.  
Hazel (Shailene Woodley), as said, has terminal cancer. She deals quite well with it and has no major problems, she is used to it,  but she doesn't want to fall in love because she does not want to hurt people; at least, she tries to reduce the number of people affected to her parents and no much more. The love story between her and a Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) aka Gus starts because of a book that captivates both of them because of the end, they don't unde…

maleficent | 2014

On the 30th of may 2014, exactly 55 five years later of the launch of The Sleeping Beauty (1959)... the story of Maleficent is told. We already knew what happened with the sleeping beauty, Aurora, but we didn't knew why Maleficent did all what she did. In this film Angelina Jolie portrays stunningly the character of Maleficent, a fairy that wanted revenge after seeing that the love of his life, a human, was so selfish and ambitious that was even disposed to kill her to be king. 
At first, we see a Maleficent as a girl full of light and with a big heart. However, the disappointment of seeing that humans just looked for themselves frustrated her and her idea about love. She became a cold and dark woman, until she met Aurora, the King's daughter, whom she had hexed with a malediction taken from her sadness and anger against Stephan, the king.  
Maleficent may seem a typical kid story, but as Disney has always done, it isn't just a fairy tale... it is a real story about family…