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un monstre em ve a veure | 2016

A monster calls, the movie directed by J.A Bayona that talks about us.Yes, about us, about our inner I and, especially, the fears that we have and those fears that, sometimes, we don't know how to master. 
The protagonist, Conor, is a boy that lives in a world with practically no support. His parents ara divorciated, he suffers from bullying at school and her mother has cancer. Despite that, he tries to live his life as a boy of his age. 
However, every night, Conor has a dream and always wakes uo at the same moment, at the same time. We do not know how the dream ends, and he seems like either. 
Nevertheless, this story, that combines reality, fiction, aquarelas and dreams (or nightmares) is a metaphor of what we do not want the world to know about us, because we think it isn't correct or ethic or even a metaphor of those things we don't even face ourselves. 
It is a novel, a poem and film, all in one.
[CAT] Un monstre em ve a veure, la pel·lĂ­cula de J.A Bayona parla de…