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the great gatsby, the green light

The movie starts as it does the book, with the same words that F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote in the beginning of The Great Gatsby. 
Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) keeps his low profile as it does in the novel. He is an observer of all the actions around him, but he does nothing; so he is the narrator of another person story, Jay Gatsby’s story ( Leonardo DiCaprio). In the movie it seems, though, that everything is a flashback that Carraway does every day in different moments. This fact, though, does not appear in the book. In fact, Baz Luhrman uses Nick as a narrator from a different point of view of Fitzgerald’s narrator. 
The director of Moulin Rouge shows us a crazy Carraway in a shelter as if the roaring twenties and the non-love story between his Jay Gatsby and Daisy had been the cause of his craziness. The rest of the film is similar to the book and Luhrman emphasizes two aspects. The first one is the roaring twenties. This decade was, precisely, one of the causes that made Francis S…

the intern | 2015

Nowadays, that in almost every job experience is required, we wouldn't be thinking of a senior doing the typical tasks an intern does. 
Well, this film shows us that besides young people seeking for experience to find decent job there's also seniors who don't know what to do with their life when they're done working and family, friends and trips aren't enough to fill the days. 
Ben (Robert De Niro) is one of those seniors who needs to work and do something in order to find sense to his life after having traveled around the world and being widower. He finds an intern workplace at About the fit, a company founded by a young passionate entrepreneur, Jules (Anne Hathaway) who didn't even knew this posts were offered. 
When Cameron (Andrew Rannells) tells Jules that she's going to have an intern that is 70 years old, she isn't really convinced but as the movie goes on, the viewer is going to see that sometimes we need someone to support and that gives us a …