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lucy | 2014

The idea that Luc Besson tried to develop in this film is great. However, the film isn't that good. It is about a young woman, whom we don't know barely anything, - she's just an american woman living in Taiwan that speaks a little bit of french and it's not very good looking- that ends up being caught in a dark deal where she has to transport a bag of drug, inside her body, to a certain part of the planet earth and there she'd be free when they extract the bag.  

Lucy ends up drugged after a beat of one of the captors, and from this point on, the film becomes very interesting because the drug increases the brain capacity progressively from 10% - the average of humans - to 100%. Meanwhile, another character is presented. Morgan Freeman becomes a Professor, named Norman, that is working on a theory where he wants to discover what could happen if a human could use more brain capacity than the average. 
If the film would have centered the attention in the Johansson…

guardians of the galaxy | 2014

The James Gunn film is set in a galaxy where the heroes haven't got the superhero profile. Peter Quill is a bounty hunter that was taken away from his planet, the Earth, when he was just a boy. From his planet he only has a walkman with a cassette that has multiple songs.  It is noteworthy to say that the nostalgic songs and the reference to the movie Footloose (1984) where Kevin Bacon becomes a hero changing a situation by dancing makes this film different. 

As said at the beginning, the characters have all a different profile that you wouldn't identify with a hero. They are selfish, they only look for themselves... When Peter steals something capable of destroying the galaxy from Ronan - the tyrant of the film  - Gamora (Zoe Saldana) has the duty to bring it back to Ronan, but she's planning her betrayal. Besides that, the Groot and Rocket want to capture Peter to earn money. This persecution finishes when they all go to jail and have to ally in order to get out of there…

summer mix [films] | 2014

This summer hasn't been memorable at all when it comes to films. I've had no time to review the ones I've seen but I think that any has been very interesting.  Probably, the best I've seen is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which combined the reflexion of what differences us from the apes (or viceversa) and the action. Andy Serkis showed that he is a master when it comes to perform those kinds of characters. Another one that was quite good was How to train your dragon 2, for kids this is a very entertaining film and for the adults as well; of course, it is not a classic but could be classified as remarkable film for families. 
Other films I've seen are The Purge: Anarchy which did had a good story, it could have been a very interesting film because it talked about politics and the social differences but despite and the horror, and dark atmosphere that was noteworthy, it ended up being foreseeable and had no incentive - when it came to horror or action - to watch i…