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girls | 2012 -

Lena Dunham's tv series Girls is widely known and has been critically acclaimed. It talks about girls, as the title says, but not in a typical way - like many tv series or movies that are just a collection of clich├ęs. Showing part of her real life story, Dunham writes among with other people in some chapters about the life of four girls who have finished college, or are just going to, and that try to find their places in the world. 

The protagonist, Hannah (Lena Dunham),  is a writer who either the "leader" of the group and the tv series. The good thing about this series is that in every single chapter there's time to laugh and be identified with the situations the girls live. You don't need to be their age to be identified, parents can see their daughters and sons here... and everybody can have fun while watching it because it is just a kind of an "animated with real people" book written by Hannah/Dunham that portrays some of the most common experience…